This Week is National Dog Week!

Nipper needs you!

Nipper needs you!

The History Museum of Western Virginia has in its collection a replica of Nipper, who was once a living, breathing dog.

The real Nipper was an English fox terrier who lived from 1884-1895. Replicas of him graced sidewalks, tops of buildings, and stained glass windows from 1900 onward.  A trademark of the Victor Talking Machine, Nipper has been associated with several different companies starting with His Master’s Voice (HMV) and later, and probably the most recognizable, RCA.  Roanoke’s own Hobbie Brothers Music store obtained one Nipper and installed him inside their store window on Church Avenue.  There he sat until J. Dexter Hobbie III donated him to the History Museum of Western Virginia in 1982.


Sadly, Nipper has fallen into disrepair and needs conservation work.  His ears and tail are badly chipped, and he has severe damage to his legs and paws.  While you are celebrating National Dog Week with your own dog, please consider making a contribution to help save ours!  Every little bit helps!


You can donate in person at the museum, by mail, by telephone using a credit card, or on our website at Don’t forget to add ‘Save Our Nipper’ to the product tag before checking out!


The Benefits of Volunteering

Today, many people are busier than ever.  It can be hard to find time to do the necessary things some days, let alone, find free time to volunteer!  However, there are many benefits associated with volunteering, both personal and for the community.

Volunteering helps you connect with others.  Staying active and social is important at any age and volunteering is one of the best ways to make new friends and connections.  You can help sharpen your social and relationship skills by interacting with coworkers and customers alike.  Volunteering has also been associated with lowering risks for depression and boosting self-confidence.

Being a volunteer can also be beneficial academically or career-wise.  Many schools now offer credit for volunteer or work experience in related fields.  Service at an organization can also show employers you are dedicated and willing to work where needed and help out.

Similarly, volunteering can help you explore different areas that may be of interest.  Even if volunteering doesn’t lead into career advancement, it could help cultivate and further hobbies or other interests.

Here at the History Museum of Western Virginia, we have volunteer opportunities to suit various schedules and activity levels.  Any little bit helps, even if it’s just a few hours a week.  If you would be interested in donating your time to help the museum, please email Lynsey Allie at