5 Things To Be Thankful For in Western Virginia

With Thanksgiving approaching we wanted to share what we’re thankful for here in Western Virginia. With so many wonderful things to offer it was hard to choose only 5.

1) Cultural Centers

Western Virginia is lucky to be dotted with museums, theaters, historic sites, galleries, event centers, attractions, etc. As you drive up and down interstate 81 there are constant temptations to take a side trip to one of the many cultural centers. It is easy for one to forget how culturally rich our area truly is and how rare it is to live in an area with so many opportunities to experience art, music, history, and nature.  Here’s a few sites to be sure you visit, but of course there are plenty more: Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, American Shakespeare Center,  The Natural Bridge, Virginia Horse Center, Frontier Culture Museum, Luray Caverns,  O. Winston Link Museum, Mill Mountain Theatre,  Center in the Square, Blue Ridge Institute, The Birthplace of Country Music Museum

2) Blue Ridge Parkway

blue-ridge-parkway-mapLife is busy, that is a commonly accepted fact. But sometimes it is worth it to take a little time and enjoy your surroundings. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers Virginians, and those passing through, an excellent opportunity to escape the hustle and get a breath of fresh air. The Parkway offers beautiful views and near silence. Next time you’ve got a free afternoon take a drive up there and see for yourself.


3) Climate

Climate might seem like an odd thing to be thankful for as the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, but Virginia has a wonderful climate. There are not many places that offer a full range of seasons. Want a little bit of everything? Move to Virginia. The summers are warm, the winters are cold, fall offers beautiful leaves and crisp days, and spring is always alive with an abundance of blooming flowers.

4) Community

Western Virginia has a strong sense of community, offering ample opportunities to attend community events. Each weekend there are several festivals, openings, and events throughout the area. These events offer guests the ability to meet new people, enjoy the company of good friends, and support their local economies.
Events and Festivals in Roanoke: Visit Roanoke
Events and Festivals throughout Virginia: Virginia is for Lovers
Events in the Shenandoah Valley: Shenandoah Valley Calendar
Visit Shenandoah: Upcoming Festivals and Events

5) Good Food

Virginians like food. And with such a rich Appalachian culture it is no wonder why-we make good food. With a fairly substantial growing season Virginia has been able to provide a variety of local food options for the many emerging cooks. If your family is from Western Virginia you know that no one makes food quite like Grandma.
Culinary Events in Virginia: Virginia is for Lovers
Wineries and Breweries in Virginia: Virginia is for Lovers
More Food: Virginia is for Lovers
Roanoke Food Tour: Discover Roanoke Food Tours
Cooking Class: Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op
Classes and Workshops: Staunton ,VA

Have a few things you’re thankful for in Western Virginia? Let us know in the comments!



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